Where Wind Blows

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Where the Wind Blows is back

Don't miss the latest installment of Moxy International's Where the Wind Blows mini-series, following four passionate women as they chase their dreams in professional kiteboarding while exploring the wind energy industry's connection to the sport they practice. Follow the team to North Carolina, where they celebrate the wind's generosity as it provides power for their kites and the energy grid.

Meet the Ladies

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Colleen Carroll
Laura Maher
Lindsay McClure
Sensi Graves
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Colleen Carroll


Colleen didn't seek the nomadic lifestyle of a professional athlete - but she's been traveling the globe, while pushing the boundaries of women's kiteboarding.

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Sensi Graves


Sensi has an adventurous spirit. She's chasing her dreams of kiting professionally, while creating her own line of swimwear.

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Laura Maher

Laura knows wind. Her love for the sport and community of kiteboarding has kept her in the game for over 10 years.

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Lindsay McClure


Lindsay was raised in Hood River, OR. Her background in gymnastics and love of flying through the air fuels her progression.

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What is Moxy

Passionate | Aware | Fearless

Moxy International is a creative collective working together from diverse corners of the globe. Our team of professional creatives and athletes share goals of making the earth a better place. We align our missions with companies who strive to make a positive impact on our world. We choose to exist in order to shed light on the benefits of healthy and responsible living, through examples of extraordinary human achievement.

Behind the Lens

small production crew, big results

Inspired by the lush atmosphere and lifestyle in Oregon, we wanted to create a project that brought to life the beauty of respecting our earth, our bodies and the communities that inspire dream chasing. The women in this story were selected for simply being themselves.

Jen Jones

producer / director

Wiley Watson

Cinametographer / Editor

Caleb Stauss

Designer / Web Developer

Lance Koudele

drone cinematographer

Fletcher Hukari

key grip

Kellen Malloy

original score